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Excerpt: Fresh Women by Jodi Lipper

Fresh Women
By: Jodi Lipper

When Cate arrives at Barnard College, the prestigious women’s school in Manhattan, she’s trusting, innocent, and maybe a bit too naïve. But she’s determined to use these four years to figure out who in the world she’s meant to be.  At a school where she’s lectured not to identify herself by her gender, Cate is shocked by her own attraction to her very oppositely gendered professor. Alex is sexy and mysterious, having survived a recent tragedy.  In fact, his presence on campus causes such a stir that soon Cate finds herself competing for his attentions with both another professor and a girl who may be her best friend or her worst enemy.  But Cate and Alex’s connection is undeniable.  It proves to be stronger than the rumors, backstabbing, and scandal that soon begin to swirl. But first it must be tested…

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Praise for Fresh Women:
"FRESH WOMEN is the smartest, sexiest, funniest fun I've had reading in I don't know how long.  Read it immediately." - Rachel Shukert, author of the Starstruck series
“Fans of both New Adult romance and chick lit will love Lipper's sexy and irreverent tale of friendship between outspoken and endearing girls on the cusp of womanhood.” - Zoe Fishman, author of Saving Ruth, Balancing Acts, and the upcoming Driving Lessons
After Thomas had gone to bed and Alex sat down to do some work for the first time in days, Alex opened up his First Year Seminar lesson plan and felt a little jolt of panic but also excitement as he realized that he would see Cate in class the very next day. 

It would be the first class since their night together and Alex was suddenly terrified.  Would it be awkward?  Would the other students be able to tell that there was something going on?  What if Cate had already bragged to all of her girlfriends and he was about to lose his job?  She didn’t seem like the type of girl who would do that, but what did he really know about her?  Suddenly this seemed like a huge mistake.

Alex paced back and forth in his study (one step in each direction) as he contemplated what to do.  Before long, the only solution became completely obvious – he had to see her.  It was late, well after eleven, and she might be studying or asleep.  He pictured her in her dorm room, on a bunk bed, in the same white cotton thong she’d been wearing the other night, and he quickly stopped caring whether or not he was disturbing her because he really needed to see her.  He fired off a quick text: Come over if you’re up.

The doorbell rang a half hour later.  He was completely pleased by his power to beckon her.  Alex had no interest in being with a woman who could ever say no to him.  They grinned at each other dumbly for a minute in the doorway; all Alex wanted was to touch her.  “Did I wake you?” he asked as she entered the apartment and he shut the door behind her.

“Oh, no, I was just hanging out in a friend’s room.”

They looked at each other again.  Suddenly it seemed like they had nothing to say to one another.  “Are you okay?” Alex asked, taking one step closer to her.  She was so petite that he looked straight down into her eyes.  “You look uneasy.”

She looked up at him and didn’t say anything at first, though she managed to communicate so much with her eyes.  Alex felt the weight of her gaze on him; it was as if she was transferring all of her love and trust onto him with that look.  Finally, they both spoke, interrupting the silence at the same time.  In a small voice, almost a whisper, Cate said, “I’m just nervous,” just as Alex said, “You can trust me.”
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Author Info
Jodi Lipper is the co-author of the bestselling “Hot Chick” book series (How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and Live Like a Hot Chick).  These inspiring, girlfriend-to-girlfriend self help books are sold throughout the world, have been translated into half a dozen languages, and have been featured on the Tyra Banks Show, Extra!, Good Morning America Now, and in Jodi’s regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show.  Jodi’s writing has been featured in Time Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence, OK Magazine, USA Weekend, Star Magazine, Women’s Health, In Touch Weekly, the Huffington Post, Maxim Magazine, Complete Woman, Galtime, Pop Sugar, and many other print and online publications. 
Jodi is also a prolific ghostwriter who has collaborated with numerous experts and celebrities on books in a wide variety of genres.  Before becoming a writer, Jodi worked at Atria Books/Simon & Schuster with #1 New York Times bestselling authors such as Jodi Picoult, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn.  She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two young daughters. Fresh Women is her first novel.

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