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Sight for Sore Eyes by Joan Leacott

Sight for Sore Eyes
Clarence Bay Chronicles #2
By: Joan Leacott
Releasing Feb 2014


Love isn’t blind; it’s just nearsighted.

Emma Finn has had enough of life-altering changes. Stability is all she wants right now, no matter how boring.
Ophthalmologist Asher Stockdale wants her to dust off her old dream of globe-trotting photographer, no matter the cost to his new dream of home, family and small town life.
Carpenter ants, cream pies, and a pair of scheming seniors help Emma and Asher to see what really lies before their eyes.

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Emma looked at the Stockdale family, each similar to the others in a way that went beyond biology. They held themselves with the confident ease that the world was theirs to command. They wore expensive clothes; his sister’s shoes had red soles. Between them, they had likely visited every country on the planet, some places twice. They all had expensive educations. All three men were doctors. The two women had been to university.
Even though Emma had finished high school with honours, her incomplete arts diploma wasn’t worth a damn. The china shop was profitable enough to give Emma a comfortable salary, but it was drop in a bucket compared to these people.
These people.
Mrs. Stockdale was dead-on right.
Emma was inadequate. She would never belong with these people. She had no problem dealing with them as customers. Any closer? She shuddered. She didn’t need the grief.
Melody stroked Emma’s arm. “I want you to start living again after all that time looking after your gran.”
“I am living.”
“But are you happy?”
“I’m happy with the way things are. Asher and I are from different worlds. We would only work out in a romance novel titled The Gajillionaire’s Sad Little Shopkeeper.”
Melody frowned at the pathetic joke. “You deserve to be happy, with a home and a family. Asher can give you that if you give him half a chance. I saw it in his eyes every time he smiled at you.”
“No. Every time I get happy, I get slammed. I’ll settle for contented solitude.” She’d already lost her parents and grandparents, her lover, and her dreams. All she had left was her brother and his family. Those people, especially Asher, could not keep her safe. If she was alone and unchanged, she was safe.

Author Info
Joan Leacott is skilled in many arts—sewing, knitting crochet, cross-stitch, painting, and piano. The skill favoured by her husband and son is cooking, especially pumpkin pie.

She spends her winters in Toronto, Canada attending piano classes, melting in the hot yoga studio, and writing.

Her summers are spent on the shores of Georgian Bay relaxing on the deck with a romance novel and a glass of wine. After she's done her laps in the bay, she settles down to write more multi-generational stories of people living and loving in today’s world.

See you on the streets of Clarence Bay!

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