Monday, 12 August 2013

Book Review: Born of Illusion

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a copy of Teri Brown's Born of Illusion. The book is about a young girl, Anna, in 1920's New York who performs as a magician. Anna's role in her shows is that t of lead-up to the main event - her mother, a mentalist. The pair also hold seances in which Anna's mother purports to speak with the dead. While Anna's mother's medium act is a sham, Anna herself does possess psychical gifts. The book explores these gifts and the relationship between Anna and her mother.

My favourite part of Born of Illusion was the mother-daughter dynamic. It is at once abhorrent and captivating, a relationship whose possibility you don't want to accept but still utterly believable. It was well-written and really brought the characters to life, making Anna seem both vulnerable and childlike, yet strong and capable. The book is worth a look for that alone.

Happy Reading!

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