Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: Feed by Mira Grant

Vamps vs Zombies Event

You may have already noticed that I'm a bit of a zombie nut, thanks to my Rick Grimes acrostic and review of Rise Again by Ben Tripp. I'm the first to admit that I completely geek out for all things zombie. I'm also the first to admit that even the stories that aren't that scary give me occasional nightmares. But that's okay. It's worth it. So when I came across the Vamps vs Zombies blog hop on My Shelf Confessions I hit the jackpot. I've had lots of fun enter the weekly challenges, hopping from blog to blog to check out giveaways and reviews of books on my favourite subject matter, and meeting new bloggers and readers who share my love of scary monsters. In honour of the blog hop, I bring you my review of Feed by Mira Grant.

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 Feed is a bit different than a lot of the zombie novels out there. In this story, society - from government to commerce to everything in between - has survived and adapted to live with the constant threat of the infected for more than twenty years. The main focus in this one isn't really the zombies. They're there and you don't forget it even for a second, but they're more of a backdrop to the real story. The real story surrounds the Presidential campaign in the United States and the group of blogger reporters following the Republican candidate and an infected conspiracy.

The first of a trilogy, Feed is entertaining, thoughtful, political, and yes, sometimes a little bit scary. It pulled me in right from the very first word and stayed with me after the last. It will appeal to anyone on Team Zombie, political aficionados, conspiracy theorists, and lovers of mystery alike.


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